Business Travellers
are connected people

To be of service to them, this is the system you need.

Most of us are visual – and for a TMC, after your agent’s voice on the phone,
the product of your work is the itinerary as it appears on the traveler’s mobile.

The system comprises a mobile app branded to the TMC, and the best traveler positioning map on the market, for both you and your customer, advanced gate and flight monitoring, and a breakthrough travel-risk manager that uses a ‘time-space bubble’ to alert travelers and responders in a highly specific and exclusive manner.

A powerful service for travelers

You’re on a business trip. As frequently happens you’re about to have your business trip spoiled by a missed connection, because the first flight was delayed or perhaps there was a security threat, a health hazard, extreme weather, and so on.


SafeToGo lets you and your travel arrangers know if a problem might affect your trip, and it pushes alerts and itinerary changes to your mobile device.

We call this:

‘The Guardian Effect’

You will never want to travel without it again.

Through a time-space bubble

The SafeToGo APP will display a fully detailed itinerary on your mobile device without your having to input it – complete with hotel bookings and car rentals – and because it synchronizes with the device calendar you can add your own events to it!

And when changes are made to the itinerary by the travel arranger,
the SafeToGo app receives a push notification to display the new arrangements.


Because each day we have too much information to handle,
and too little time,

SafeToGo calculates

when the traveler is going,
where the traveler is going,
the duration of the trip,
the size of a risk area,

And it only communicates data
that is absolutely pertinent to that trip

SafeToGo turns your mobile device into a life-line

Alerts that concern the area you’re visiting will display on your mobile device. Alerts will also appear on an itinerary route map in both the TMC and company offices.


An advanced scanning system monitors world media, flight schedule data, government web services and other postings for events that could impact your trip.


The great differentiator …

The SafeToGo Itinerary Map will display the location of all of the TMCs travelers. A similar map is provided to the corporate client, displaying their travelers. If a hazard like a tsunami, terrorist activity, or freak weather develops, the hazard will automatically be displayed on the map.


Travellers can be displayed on the map in a variety of useful ways:

by traveler name; by airport of departure; by date range (who is traveling next week, for that company, on that carrier?) and more….

Then, any of these combination of searches can be exported to a spreadsheet report. It becomes an arrival-departure manifest with complete delay and cancellation information, incredibly valuable for arranging transportation, adjusting car and hotel bookings, etc.

So much power in one system …

  • app/map branded to the TMC
  • full trip itinerary direct GDS connection (no email parsing)
  • all segments and your remarks
  • live updates
  • pushed changes
  • pushed hazard alerts
  • TMC tracker map
  • Client’s office tracker map
  • RSS travel Risk detection
  • Government sites data retrieval
  • edited source risk data retrieval
  • automated pre-trip advisories